Writers life 

Evenings like these ! 


Don’t let anyone or anything get you down. 

Through all of life’s experiences , remember whatever happens, this life is yours. And you are the only person best equipped to deal with whatever comes your way. Don’t let anyone put you down, don’t let situations force you to let go of your magic. You are your whole world. Through it all, remember to Love Yourself  and the rest will fall in place. 

Procrastination ! 

Man!  I can write pages and pages on procrastination and it’s ills. Not right now though , maybe I will do it another time…

There it is ! That’s the disease of procrastination, it creates a dividing line between you saying , “I did it !” Or saying, ” I though about doing it”. In this battle, we end up losing all those experiences and lessons we would’ve gotten and the glorious life we could’ve lived. If we just pushed ourselves and went & DID IT ! 

Find that Balance

We all love to Dream. Reality however, is harsh, it’s unfair, and at times , it leaves you questioning yourself and your actions. The setbacks which come in life, leave most of us second guessing ourselves and our dreams. If we learn to align ourselves with reality and all it brings , yet manage to continue dreaming , we will overcome all that life throws our way. Have the courage to keep dreaming , but with your eyes open, in order to cope with whatever reality throws your way. #popsspeak