Pain or Pleasure – the best teacher ? 

The human reaction to pain , I feel is far greater than to pleasure. Is pleasure enough of a motivator to make you learn and jumpstart you into action ? Or is pain the more effective teacher ? 


Learning – A continuous process 

Making mistakes is OK . We need to say that more often to ourslves and to those around us. Have an Open Mind , accept that making a mistake means someone at least tried to do something. The fear of making mistakes makes a lot of people stop making an effort. Make your mistakes, learn from them, apply that learning and move on. If you’re too scared to do something, just because you fear making a mistake, you will live your life in the fear of the unknown, forever. 

Your belief is your strength 

I think insecurity is one of the most overrrated feelings we have. Questioning your thoughts is one thing , feeling insecure, is completely another. It’s a weakness , which before you know it , takes over you , and dictates your actions. Even the people around you, end up playing to your insecurities. Question everything, yes, but believe in your beliefs. #popsspeak #wednesdaywisdom #motivationalspeaker 

Faith, Forever. 

Battle the constant change around you , with faith. Faith in an idea, faith in the universe, above all , faith in yourself. It’s only your belief that will take you where you want to go, even when you don’t see a road leading you there. #poppseak #sukritsharma

Why not ?! The ultimate call to action. 

There are those of us who feel safe in our comfort zones. And then there are those who constantly make an effort to break out of their comfort zone. They know the power of asking themselves ” Why Not ” , instead of only asking themselves ” Why ” . Glory comes from challenging ourselves , not by staying where we are, cocooned in the safety of our comfort zone. If you want to go for glory , get uncomfortable in your comfort zone and break free from your safety net. Don’t ask why you should do it. Ask instead, why not ? 

An Open Mind = Unlimited potential

Why are we so closed ? The ones who realise the downside of a closed mind, and address it, are the ones who live their life to its fullest potential. If Nothing is permanent , then don’t we need to constantly be open to change ? How does one adapt , how does one preempt things ? The answer lies in being open. And an open mind is the very start to unlocking your potential . 

Life – A constant Lesson 

First off, accept that we all make mistakes. Second , learn from them. Finally, apply what you have learnt and keep learning. The cycle goes on, and that’s what makes life interesting. 

City Life

Bombay. Like any other city, the wealthy and the less fortunate come face to face. There’s beauty in the irony.